nissan patrol - kpmf nero flare matte

Transforming the Nissan Patrol: A Stealthy Matte Makeover

A Bold Choice for a Powerful V8

When it comes to vehicle transformations, the Nissan Patrol is an imposing canvas. But even the most robust of vehicles can benefit from a makeover that matches its strength and character. For this Nissan Patrol, VINYL WRAPZ in Perth was tasked with turning an ordinary white into something extraordinary.

The Challenge: From Standard White to Stealthy Matte

  • Vehicle: Nissan Patrol
  • Original Color: White
  • Selected Film: KPMF  Nero Flare Matte
  • Installation: Closed door wrap

The standard white of the Nissan Patrol did little to compliment the robust V8 engine lurking beneath its bonnet. The vehicle’s owner sought a visual representation of power that the original color failed to convey. This is where the expertise of VINYL WRAPZ came into play, ensuring the Patrol’s appearance would match its performance.

The Process: Precision in Every Step

For the Nissan Patrol’s wrap, our certified installers began with a thorough cleaning to ensure an impeccable base for the film. Special attention was given to removing hardware, enabling a closed-door colour change that mimics a factory finish. This meticulous preparation, coupled with our team’s expertise, allowed for a transformation that not only looks seamless but is also built to last.

The Result: A Perfect Match

The matte finish of the KPMF Nero Flare film transformed the vehicle into a stealthy masterpiece, capturing the Nissan Patrol’s essence in a way that the original white never could. It now stands as a testament to the power and elegance of a well-executed vehicle wrap.


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Experience the Transformation

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