Jeep Grand Cherokee srt8 - avery dennison black rock gray satin

Transforming the Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT8 with Premium Car Wrap in Perth

The Project: A Bold New Look for a Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT8

When it comes to elevating the aesthetics of a vehicle, nothing speaks louder than a meticulously executed car wrap. For this project, our team at Vinyl Wrapz had the privilege of working on a Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT8. The goal was to transform its original white exterior into something more fitting for its bold personality.

Choosing the Right Wrap: Avery Dennison Supreme Wrapping Film in Satin Black Rock Grey

Our client sought a look that resonated with the tough, stealthy, and fast characteristics of the Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT8. After careful consideration, we selected the Avery Dennison Supreme Wrapping Film in Satin Black Rock Grey. This film is not only renowned for its durability and finish but also for its ability to bring a luxurious, dark satin finish that complements the ruggedness of the Jeep.

The Process: Precision and Expertise in Closed Door Colour Change

As specialists in Car Wrap in Perth, our approach to this project was methodical:

  • Preparation: The Jeep was thoroughly cleaned and prepped to ensure a flawless surface for the wrap.
  • Wrap Installation: Employing the closed-door wrap technique, our certified installers meticulously applied the Avery Dennison film. This method involves removing hardware for a seamless finish, ensuring every edge and corner is wrapped with precision.
  • Finishing Touches: To accentuate the vehicle’s aggressive look, we applied STEK gloss carbon fibre paint protection film to the bonnet. This addition not only enhanced the aesthetic appeal but also added an extra layer of protection.

The Outcome: A Jeep Transformed

The transformation was nothing short of remarkable. The Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT8 emerged with a new persona – its stealthy, mean, and tough appearance now perfectly aligning with the performance capabilities it’s known for. The satin black rock grey wrap, coupled with the gloss carbon fibre bonnet, made for an eye-catching contrast that’s bound to turn heads on Perth roads.

Why Choose Vinyl Wrapz for Your Car Wrap in Perth?

  • Certified Expertise: Our installers are highly skilled and certified with leading brands like Avery Dennison.
  • Quality Assurance: We use only the best materials and techniques, ensuring longevity and aesthetics.
  • Customer-Centric Service: Our process is designed to meet and exceed customer expectations.

Ready to Elevate Your Vehicle's Aesthetics?

If you’re looking to transform your vehicle with a high-quality car wrap in Perth, look no further than Vinyl Wrapz. Our commitment to excellence in service, materials, and craftsmanship guarantees a result you’ll love. Contact us today to discuss how we can bring your vision to life!

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