ford mustang convertible - orafol sunset shift

Ford Mustang Convertible: A Sunset Shift Masterpiece

Seamless Wrap for the Ultimate Open-Door Finish

A Wrap Beyond Ordinary

Our client approached us with a vibrant vision for their Ford Mustang Convertible – to encapsulate the beauty of a sunset into the vehicle’s aesthetics. The challenge wasn’t just about changing the color, it was about achieving a seamless transition that would leave no trace of the car’s original orange shade. The Orafol Sunset Shift vinyl was the perfect choice for this undertaking.

Open-Door Detailing for Perfection

  • Vehicle: Ford Mustang Convertible
  • Original Color: Orange
  • Selected Film: Orafol Sunset Shift
  • Installation: Open door wrap

Diving into the details, every part of the Mustang that could be removed was carefully dismantled – from headlights and mirrors to doors, bumpers, side skirts, and more. This labor-intensive process is critical for what we call an ‘open-door finish’, a level of wrap installation that ensures the original color is nowhere to be seen, even when the doors are opened.

The Installation Journey

Our certified technicians approached this Mustang with the precision and passion it deserved. With the hardware removed, they meticulously applied the Orafol vinyl, ensuring every angle was covered and every line matched perfectly. The wrap’s color shift effect, which dances from red to bright orange, mimics the dynamic nature of a sunset, changing its hue with different angles and light.

The Transformation Beyond Expectation

The result is nothing short of spectacular. The Mustang Convertible now flaunts a wrap that’s as dynamic as its performance – with a color that shifts with its surroundings, perfect for the summer-oriented character of a convertible. This Ford Mustang doesn’t just turn heads, it captures gazes and holds them, inviting onlookers to appreciate the fluid change of colors.

Excellence in Vehicle Wrapping by VINYL WRAPZ

  • Unmatched Expertise: Our technicians bring years of experience to every project.
  • Premium Materials: Only the best vinyl, such as Orafol, is used for durability and effect.
  • Painstaking Process: We undertake a comprehensive process for a factory-like finish.
  • Open-Door Finish: We specialize in complete color transformations that leave no trace of the original shade.
  • Customer Assurance: Every wrap comes with our assurance of quality and a warranty for peace of mind.

Ready for Your Vehicle's Metamorphosis?

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