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At Vinyl Wrapz, our focus is on providing top-tier Paint Protection Film services specifically for Tesla vehicles, with an emphasis on the Model 3 and Model Y – the most common Tesla models in WA. We have successfully completed numerous installations, showcasing our proficiency with these specific vehicles. Our use of digitally cut templates ensures a precise and tailored fit for each Tesla, eliminating the need for any direct cutting or trimming on the vehicle. This method guarantees a seamless and exact installation, reflecting our commitment to excellence and attention to detail in protecting your Tesla.

What is Paint Protection Film (PPF)?

PPF is a technologically advanced film that offers unparalleled protection for your vehicle. This clear, thermoplastic urethane layer acts as a formidable barrier against common road hazards such as stone chips, scratches, and environmental pollutants. By choosing PPF for your Tesla, you’re opting for a high-level protection that preserves your vehicle’s aesthetic appeal and enhances its longevity.

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Do You Need PPF for Your Tesla?

Even though Teslas are the most innovative and technologically advanced vehicles available, it is becoming increasingly recognized among Tesla owners that the vehicle’s paintwork is its weak point. Paint Protection Film (PPF) offers a robust solution to this issue, ensuring your Tesla’s exterior remains as impeccable as its engineering.

Is PPF a Worthwhile Investment for Your Tesla?

Investing in Paint Protection Film (PPF) for your Tesla transcends beyond mere aesthetic upkeep, it’s a wise financial decision for long-term value preservation. The benefits of PPF installation include:

Enhanced Resale Value: Given that a significant portion of a Tesla’s resale value lies in the condition of its body, PPF is a perfect fit. It ensures the paintwork remains in top condition, directly impacting your vehicle’s market value.

Cost-Effective Protection: Compared to the high costs associated with repairing paint damage, PPF offers a more economical solution, preventing such expenses before they occur.

Reduced Maintenance Costs: With PPF’s protective layer, regular maintenance becomes less intensive and more cost-effective, reducing the need for frequent touch-ups.

UV Damage Protection: PPF acts as a shield against harmful UV rays, which is paramount for cars in WA, preserving the paint’s vibrancy and preventing fading, further minimizing the need for costly paintwork repairs.

PPF vs. Ceramic Coating: Which is Better for Your Tesla?

Paint Protection Film (PPF) offers the best of both worlds for your Tesla, providing robust physical protection against damage, while also incorporating the benefits of Ceramic Coating, such as UV and chemical protection. Some PPF products even have a Ceramic Coating infused into the top layer for enhanced gloss and hydrophobic properties. Depending on your needs, PPF can be the ideal choice, offering comprehensive protection while maintaining the sleek aesthetics of your Tesla.

You can find more information on our PPF vs Ceramic Coating page.

Does PPF Protect Against Stone Chips?

Absolutely, Paint Protection Film (PPF) is specifically designed to protect your Tesla from stone chips and similar types of damage. The film acts as a resilient barrier, effectively absorbing the impact of road debris and small stones. Additionally, it offers significant protection against common ‘car park’ damages like door dings and scrapes, keeping your vehicle’s exterior in top-notch condition.

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Does PPF Self-Heal?

Yes, one of the remarkable features of Paint Protection Film (PPF) is its self-healing property. PPF can automatically heal minor scratches and blemishes when exposed to heat sources like sunlight or hot water. This capability significantly extends the life of the PPF, ensuring long-term protection for your vehicle’s exterior.

Find out more about PPF Self-Healing Properties.

How Long Does PPF Last?

The lifespan of Paint Protection Film (PPF) for your Tesla varies based on the product, with quality manufacturers offering warranties of 5, 10, and 12 years. To maximize this longevity, proper maintenance is key. PPF not only requires less upkeep compared to other paint protection options but also outlasts them, providing enduring protection and maintaining your Tesla’s pristine appearance for longer.

You can find detailed PPF Warranty information here.

Does PPF Make Your Car Glossy?

Whether Paint Protection Film (PPF) makes your Tesla glossy depends on the product you choose. There are clear gloss films that add a shiny finish to your car, enhancing its glossiness. On the other hand, clear matte films are available for those who prefer a non-glossy, subdued look. Additionally, some clear gloss films are infused with ceramic coating, which not only provides extra protection but also increases the gloss level, giving your Tesla an even more striking shine.

Check out different PPF finishes here.

Can You Wax Over PPF?

Yes, you can wax over Paint Protection Film (PPF) on your Tesla. However, it’s important to use a non-abrasive wax. Waxing is not just permissible, it’s recommended as it helps to extend the life of the PPF. Regular waxing maintains the film’s quality and keeps your Tesla PPF looking pristine.

Does PPF Stop Rust?

Paint Protection Film (PPF) effectively prevents rust by protecting the painted side of your Tesla from damage, chips, and abrasions that can lead to corrosion. However, it’s important to note that PPF cannot halt existing rust. Tesla Model X and Tesla Model S, are made entirely of aluminum, and Tesla Model 3 and Tesla Model Y, which are a blend of steel and aluminum, inherently possess greater resilience against rust. Thus, while PPF adds an extra layer of protection, Tesla vehicles are already designed with materials that naturally resist corrosion.

Disadvantages of PPF

While PPF offers substantial benefits, it’s important to be aware of its limitations:

Visibility of Edges: PPF is thicker than vinyl and cannot wrap entirely around edges. This may result in visible film edges on some parts of the car.

Maintenance Cautions:

 – Avoid high-pressure washing near the film edges to prevent lifting.

 – Automated brush washes can also lift the film and should be used sparingly.

Risk of Discoloration: Lower quality films may yellow or develop blemishes over time. We mitigate this by using only top-tier products.

Damage Limitations: While minor damages can self-heal, significant damage may require replacing the affected panel as Tesla PPF cannot be polished.

Does PPF Damage Paint?

Short answer is no, high-quality Paint Protection Film (PPF) will not damage the paint on your Tesla. However, both installation and removal of PPF should be handled by professionals to avoid any potential issues. Low-quality films may use inferior adhesives that can leave marks or damage the paint upon removal. To prevent such problems, it is imperative to use top-tier PPF products, to ensure protection of your Tesla’s paintwork.

What is the Price of a Full PPF Wrap for a Tesla?

The cost of a full PPF wrap for your Tesla varies depending on the selected product and the specific model of the car. Options with different warranty periods (5, 10, and 12 years) are available, each influencing the overall price. Additionally, the cost can vary between Tesla models due to differences in size and design. For example, Tesla Model 3 PPF cost will be slightly different from Tesla Model Y PPF cost, due to their shape and size difference. At Vinyl Wrapz, we also offer diverse coverage options, each tailored to fit every budget and protection need. Explore our range of PPF Tesla services to find the perfect fit for your vehicle. If you would like a customised quote, please click the button below.

Partial Front

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Tesla Track Pack PPF clear paint protection perth

Full Front & Sides

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Full Coverage

Tesla Full Car PPF clear paint protection perth

Partial Front

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Tesla Full Front PPF clear paint protection perth


Tesla Track Pack PPF clear paint protection perth

Full Front & Sides

Tesla Front Sides PPF clear paint protection perth

Full Coverage

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