range rover sport - kpmf matte black

Range Rover Sport Wrap: A Bold Leap to Matte Black Luxury

The VINYL WRAPZ Touch: Refined Elegance Meets Aggressive Styling

Transforming Luxury into Stealth Sophistication

VINYL WRAPZ took the Range Rover Sport from its classic white to a level of bold elegance with a KPMF Matte Black wrap. This project was more than just a color change—it was a complete metamorphosis, enhancing the vehicle’s naturally aggressive lines and lending an air of stealthy sophistication to its road presence.

Attention to Detail in a Closed Door Wrap

  • Vehicle: Range Rover Sport
  • Original Color: White
  • Selected Film: KPMF Matte Black
  • Installation: Closed door wrap

Embracing the ethos of ‘attention to detail,’ our technicians removed all necessary hardware to ensure the wrap’s full coverage. This intricate process guarantees that the Matte Black finish appears uninterrupted, giving the Range Rover Sport a cohesive, factory-like appearance.

Expert Application for Lasting Impact

Our team initiated the process with a deep clean to provide a pristine base for the KPMF Matte Black film. Upon removing components such as lights, bumpers, door handles, mirrors, trim and badges, the vinyl was applied with precision. The Matte Black wrap not only altered the vehicle’s hue but also its texture, offering a tactile dimension that complements the Range Rover’s design language.

Outcome: A Range Rover Reborn

The completion of this wrap project revealed a Range Rover Sport in a new light—stealthy, yet undeniably conspicuous. The Matte Black finish provided by the KPMF wrap accentuates the SUV’s luxury and robust form, delivering a commanding aesthetic that’s both modern and timelessly elegant.

Your Destination for High-End Vehicle Wrapping

  • Specialized Skillset: Our experience with luxury SUVs like the Range Rover ensures your wrap is applied with expertise.
  • Quality Assurance: We use only industry-leading materials for their resilience and premium finish.
  • Detailed Process: Our meticulous approach to wrapping covers all bases, from prep to completion.
  • Visual Enhancement: We believe a wrap should do more than change color; it should elevate the vehicle’s entire persona.
  • Customer Confidence: Backed by a commitment to satisfaction, each wrap comes with the assurance of our workmanship warranty.

Embark on Your Vehicle's Transformation

If you envision your Range Rover or any luxury vehicle with a new persona, VINYL WRAPZ is at your service. Reach out to us to discuss the potential for your vehicle’s transformation with a high-quality, professional wrap.

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